About Me

"Speak what you seek, until you see what you've said."  

Thank you so much for stopping by Mantra Mine <3

I am Diana, the owner and maker of the Mantra Mine collection. I was a hairstylist and salon owner and I've also owned a fashion business.  I love helping people look better and also feel better about themselves and this is just another opportunity for me to do that with Mantra Mine.  I have always dreamed of having a business that would allow me to travel and work anywhere. I personally design and hand-stamp my custom mantra collection. I also thoughtfully choose an array of bracelets/necklaces to compliment and layer or "stack" with the mantra collection so you can create your own unique look. 

I just want to inspire and empower you with every piece of jewelry I stamp to help you do whatever you set your mind to. What you say to yourself is very powerful. I am a huge believer that our thoughts matter and I believe we all need to be mindful about what we say to ourselves.

The mind will believe what you tell it - so lets tell it something good. 

 Mantra Mine is the perfect accessory to remind you of what you want more of in your life in a fun and fashionable way. Check out our Mantras page for lots of ideas on words/phrases if you are not sure what yours is.  You might even find some gift ideas also. In addition, I offer personalized hand-stamping for those special occasions or people that you want to remember. I love creating and hand-stamping jewelry and can't wait to begin working on your custom mantra. 

Thanks so much for reading a bit about why I do what I do. 

Be well and be happy <3