Our Story

                    “Speak what you seek, until you see what you said."


Thank you so much for stopping by Mantra Mine <3

I am Diana, the owner and maker of the Mantra Mine collection. I was a hairstylist and salon owner and I've also owned a fashion business.  I love helping people feel good about themselves and this is just another opportunity for me to do that with Mantra Mine.  I have always dreamed of having a business that would allow me to travel and work anywhere. I live in a sailboat now, and I hope to be traveling the U.S. soon in an RV.  

I am a huge believer that our thoughts matter and I try to be very mindful about what I am saying to myself.

The mind will believe what you tell it - so tell it something good.  

When I had my fashion business, I had a fun experience that shows a great example of what my mission and belief is with Mantra Mine. I was at a networking meeting for our city chamber and they said they were putting $100 into a drawing and they would be drawing one of our names to be the winner at the next monthly meeting, and you had to be present to win.  Well, let me tell you - I wrote that meeting in my calendar and everytime I looked at my calendar for anything - I reminded myself I needed to be at that meeting to pick up my $100.  If I was scheduling a trunk show with someone I always made a point to say I”m available on this date but not available on date of said meeting as I had to be present to win the $100 and I needed to be there to pick it up.  This was usually met with a smile and I just smiled right back. So, I go to the meeting and its time to draw the name for the $100 and……... Yup, I Won!

Interestingly enough, a short time later, I was at a women luncheon and they announced they were going to do their drawing and to get ready, I looked over at the woman next to me and said "Oh, yay! We might win something" and she said to me…..

“I never win anything.”

I said, well of course not if you are going to say that, you gotta say something different.  I proceeded to tell her the above story of my winning the $100 and as I was telling her…. I heard someone call my name.  What?!  My name had been called for one of the drawing prizes! She looked at me and said, well, I guess,  I do need to say something different!

What you say matters. Make it something good.  

Mantra Mine is the perfect accessory to remind you of what you want more of in your life in a fun and fashionable way. Check out our Mantras page for lots of ideas on words/phrases if you are not sure what yours is.  You might even find some gift ideas also. In addition, I offer personalized hand stamping for those special occasions or people that you want to remember.

Thanks so much for reading a bit about why I do what I do. 

Be well and be happy <3