What is a mantra & why do you need one?

What is a mantra?
To put it simply a mantra is a word or phrase you repeat to yourself to keep your focus on something specific. When it is uttered in repetition it helps keep your mind and body focused on your desire.  A mantra is used for the purpose of keeping something you’re striving for top of mind; it helps you to clear your brain and put in positive thoughts to redirect your focus to think about what you’re trying to change or achieve.  

Why do you need a mantra?
We have a lot going on in our lives and it’s very easy to forget about what is important to us. We have so many distractions in our day today and our mind wanders to places that are not helpful.  Mantras can make a lot of difference, especially when we have trouble concentrating, they help us get in the right frame of mind. It is a great tool to help us shift our thoughts and focus in a more positive direction. They also make a huge difference in improving your attention and changing your mood. Repeating your mantra throughout the day helps to keep your mind focused on what you want to create and gives you more awareness of where your thoughts are so if you need to shift them, just repeat your mantra again.

How do you find your personal mantra?
Just ask yourself what you need to help you to attain what you want. So, for example, maybe you feel fearful about the how, what, or the where of your goal. So, what you need is faith, courage, strength, or maybe even resilience. Don't focus on the weakness (fearful) - let the deficit guide you the opposite of it in order to find the mantra that resonates with your soul. You will know it when you get it. Also, be open to trying out new mantras - see how they fit for you. We are all multifaceted humans and have a lot of thoughts and dreams. They all deserve attention as they are all a part of your journey to getting more of what you want in life. You can have several mantras.
A personal unique mantra is just another way of approaching the meditational practice and benefiting from it in your daily life. They are based on your personal experience, and they hold individual power to you as it’s a unique expression of what you most desire, whether it’s aimed at manifesting security, deeper connections, improving self-confidence or release from suffering. The only requirement of a mantra is that it is authentic to you. 
Here’s something you can do if you’re having trouble finding a personal mantra. Go to the Mantras tab in our shop at www.mantramine.com There is a lot of inspiration to help guide you and choose from. They can be very soulful or a bit sassy. It’s whatever speaks to you and who you are, your personality and what helps you shift. 
 Recently I was thinking of a personal mantra something that was really going to hit home for me and really help me to shift my brain, stay on my plan, focus on what I want and continue forward making that happen.  I’ve got some projects I’m working on, big changes for me in my next adventure, my health and my business so I chose "Persistence" which reminds me to keep going, keep persisting. Doing the "things" that will get me to my goals.  I can feel it at my core, and it fills me with a belief in myself that I "can" do it if I just keep moving forward and be, well, persistent. :)  This is what I want for you, a mantra that does that for you just as deeply as it does for me. 
Share with me what you have come up with and I would be honored to stamp that on something from my collection for you to wear to remind you to shift your mind and focus on what you want. (Check out my Ready to Ship items too, there might just be the one for you there.)    You can also create your own personal style by layering on our companion bracelet stackers to enhance your mantra jewelry. 

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